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Preconference Workshops:  

Thursday, April 4th     8:00 am - 11:30 am

Early Childhood Literacy with Dr. Marcy Drew and Diane Lowery
There is a great deal of research about language and literacy development of children from birth to age five, but how can early childhood educators break it down and apply it to their daily work with children? 

In this workshop, attendees will explore the Planned Language Approach with a focus on “The Big 5” components of Background Knowledge, Oral Language and Vocabulary, Book Knowledge and Print Concepts, Alphabet Knowledge and Early Writing, and Phonological Awareness, and how they connect to the South Dakota Early Learning Guidelines and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. 

Practical and developmentally appropriate ideas for implementing the components and integrating literacy throughout learning centers and activities will be discussed. Participants will have opportunities to share how they foster language and literacy development and to make an implementation plan for their own programs.

Getting Dads Involved: 5 Strategies that Work - Patrick Patterson

Engaging Dads requires a plan, approach, and specific tools. The focus of father engagement is always to benefit the child. This fun and interactive session will teach Best Practices for Getting Dads Involved, including why, how, where, and when to best engage fathers. During this session attendees will have a chance to develop a site-specific father engagement plan that can be implemented immediately upon returning home to their centers.

To keep it fun and engaging, we will use case studies to ensure application and still demonstrate, step-by-step, how to get Dads more involved. This session is especially targeted centers that have few or no male staff. Finally, this session will implement activities that will better prepare Head Start Centers for the next Federal Program Review. 

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