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SDECE Logo #1     2018 Keynote Speakers 

Ron Mohl
Lakeshore Learning
Ron Mohl brings over 15 years of experience in the education industry to his position of Lead Educational Presenter for Lakeshore Learning Materials. In this role, Ron has presented to school districts, public and private institutions, Head Start programs, and military bases across the country.

Celebrating Teamwork 
During this keynote session, we will explore the successful collaboration of the Power of Purpose, Teamwork, and Persistence. Working from the inside out, we will identify these building blocks and discuss strategies that can be used to enrich your working environment.

Outcomes - Participants will be able to:
Recognize individual qualities that can contribute to teamwork.
Describe key points of collaborative teamwork.
Identify and experience qualities of persistence in teamwork. 

  Ron Mohl holds a B.A. from Florida Atlantic University and brings over 19 years of experience in the education industry to his position of Lead Educational Presenter for Lakeshore Learning Materials. Ron is a CLASS certified classroom observer for both Toddler and Pre-K classrooms. Ron has also studied at the Environmental Rating Scale Institute for ECERS-3 and ITERS. In this role, Ron has collaborated with school districts to enrich their scope of instruction and summer programs as well as public and private institutions to provide professional development related to curriculum including Creative
Curriculum and High Scope. Ron’s experience with Head Start programs spans across the country with keynotes in State, Regional, and National conferences and Ron has contributed educational strategies to military child development centers around the world including London, Italy, South Korea, and Japan. By focusing on the importance of play in the learning process, Ron’s interactive trainings help educators enrich curricula that relates to being a partner in play through authentic
experiences with children.

Music Play to Promote Readiness, Literacy, and Inclusion
Over the years Jim Gill’s music and books have received, among other honors, five awards from the American Library Association. Early childhood professionals, however, are most interested in the fact that Jim Gill’s unique creations in music play provide joyous opportunities for children to learn. And they appreciate that his approach to song and book writing is informed by graduate studies in child development and 20 years of experience working with children and families.

Jim Gill
A Joyous Way to Learn

In this energizing session Jim will share examples of his work – both books and songs – that teachers and care providers can bring back to their classrooms, playrooms and family rooms. Most importantly, Jim will discuss how his unique creations in music play inspire young children not only to move, but to regulate their movements….not only to sing, but to make connections between the words they sing and the printed word. Jim will discuss how a play-based program provides an inclusive environment for children with special needs and share thoughts based on his work with children of all ability levels.
Jim Gill is a musician and author with singular credentials among children’s artists. Jim spent twenty years directing programs in music play for families and children with special needs in the Chicago area. His particular writing style—combining word play and movement opportunities into songs—was developed through this work. Jim completed his graduate studies in child development at the Erikson Institute of Chicago with a special emphasis on the study of play. His work experience and studies have led Jim to create each of his recordings and books as an opportunity for playful interactions between a child and a caring adult.
Jim has released seven award-winning CDs of music play for young children that are favorites in family rooms, classrooms and playrooms.
Jim is also the author of two children’s books. Over the years he has received five awards from the American Library Association for his releases.
Over the years Jim has shared his expertise and ideas on music, Play and literacy with organizations such as Head Start, The National Association for the Education of Young Children, The National Association for Family Child Care and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Keri Krout
Western Washington University

What I Know For Sure: Gifts to Give the Children

5 simple gifts that professionals can give to children each day. This is a lively, and open ended keynote in which stories are shared that touch and teach us how to give our best selves to children.

For 30 years Keri has traveled the country sharing in her energetic way the importance of giving our best selves to children. She is an author and a certified parenting coach. She is currently the Program Manager at WWU’s AS Child Development Center, and will soon complete her MA in Education this spring.

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